Services: What can we do for you?

At King of Glory Printing & Publications we strive to give you superior service and a higher quality product for your investment.

We offer simple printing plans for authors to get their books printed at an extremely low cost per copy basis. There are no maximum numbers of books that need to be printed in each run. We will work with you and your budget.

Printing books can be very expensive. We offer you a higher quality of paper, and a full resolution four color laminated cover for your book project.

And we do it for an estimated 50% less that most publishing houses tend to charge.

How? We have low overhead and a heart to get God’s ordained books out into the worlds hands!

Here is an example of saving:

Are you interested in embossing the cover art or text on your book’s cover or perhaps foil stamping on your cover? We can save you over 75% on these details that can really make your books cover “pop” and sale better.

Don’t pay $1.50 per copy for foil stamping or embossing, pay as little as 25 cents per copy and save up to $1.25 per copy on these services!

(*Prices may vary and are subject to current market prices at the time of your estimate)

Our Services:

We offer a number of services to the author including but not limited to:

Easy Estimate Process

Manuscript Editing Services

Manuscript Preparation & Pagination Services

Changes and Corrections

Graphic Art/Other Content

Preparation Of The Finalized Manuscript For Press

ISBN/Bar Code Service

Most likely we can save comparable amounts as listed above on most aspects of the printing process!