Welcome to King of Glory Printing and Publishing!

In November of 2010 while I was praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem the Holy Spirit visited me and birthed King of Glory Printing and Publishing in my heart. To date we have helped several authors get their manuscripts printed and have saved them thousands of dollars in the process of turning their God ordained manuscripts into printed books.

If you are a first time author we can help expedite the printing process of your unpublished manuscript and help you to understand the idiosyncrasies, and details of the entire printing process. King of Glory Printing & Publishing can help you get your first book printed in a professional and economical manner.

Often, venerable and established publishers will not even accept manuscripts from unpublished authors. This can make it difficult for an author to get started publishing their books. King of Glory Printing & Publishing can help you get that first book published quickly, economically, and efficiently. In addition to that, once you have worked with us you will be better prepared to work with mainline publishers as you will have a much better understanding of the printing process, and how the printing industry operates.

I have worked to write several books over the years. And I was surprised at the amount of politics, unnecessary paperwork, and hardships that many publishers place upon would be authors. Again, many publishing houses will not consider a manuscript to be published into book form from an author that has never had a book printed. I found this unsettling, and even unfair. As I have investigated the process of printing books I have found that it is not as complicated as many publishers make it seem.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your manuscript. We can prepare an estimate for you to give you an idea of the costs to print your unpublished manuscript and to turn your dream into a reality. Often, we can prepare your manuscript and have it printed into book form in as little as 4 to 6 weeks! Not years as come publishing houses require!

If you are a published author who has established a “platform” or large group of people who like to read your books we can also save you thousand’s on printing your new book projects, or reprinting your ISBN’s that are now out of print.

That is why we founded King of Glory Printing & Publishing; to help published and unpublished authors get their Christ based manuscripts printed into book form. We do make substantial profits from our projects. We perform these services outlined on this web page as a ministry. For more information about King of Glory Printing & Publishing please visit the other tabs of this web page.

Much of the profits from any income we garner from preparing your manuscript for printing are donated to our orphanage projects of those of our associate ministries who are working to minister the love of the Father to widows and orphans.

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